Lower England & Wales Drink Drive Limit to Save Lives

This petition is to ask the government to lower the drink drive limit in the England and Wales from 0.08%BAC to 0.05%BAC, the same as Scotland and Europe. In 2010 proposals were rejected by the Government over fears it could affect the business of rural pubs, despite the Government’s own research showing it could stop 300 people being killed or seriously injured per annum.

Scotland has proven the benefits of a lower drink drive limit. Between 5th December 2014 and 5th January 2015 drink drive arrests had dropped 19% despite heavier policing. The Institute of Advanced Motorists published research showing 68% of people support a lower limit in England.

England has one of the highest drink drive limits in the World. Studies by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) show that alcohol affects human reactions and cognitive thought at 0.04% BAC, the English limit is currently 0.08%BAC. Parliament should now lower the drink drive limit to 0.05%BAC and save lives.

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Hunter Abbott

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Saturday 10 January 2015

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Monday 30 March 2015

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