lower speed limit on mersley downs

speed limit on mersley downs road on the isle of wight needs to be brought down from national to 40 at least. 4 accidents this year so far with 2 deaths and 1 life threatening injuries. How many more mothers are going to lose there children, how many more families lives turned upside down, how many more this year, how many times is it going to take before something is done. To many accidents over the years on the downs road have taken the life of motorists. Some through deaths others through life changing injuries. The lucky ones carry on but for the family and friends of the unlucky ones, they have to live with it every single day. This needs sorted now before another child is killed. Please carefully consider this petition to bring the speed limit down from national.

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wendy vine

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Friday 31 January 2014

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Saturday 3 May 2014

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