Lowering the voting age to 17.

If 17 year old teenager can do the following, why can't they vote?

• Have sex, gay or straight, as long as their partner is also 16 +
• Move out of the family home
• Rent accomodation
• Get married
• Give consent to medical treatment
• Choose their own doctor
• Leave school at 16
• Get free full-time education (at school, sixth form college and city technology college)
• Access school records
• Work full time if they leave school
• Take time off for study or training, if they leave full-time education for work (until 17)
• Claim benefits and get a National Insurance number (this should be sent automatically a few weeks before their 16th birthday)
• Join the armed forces
• Earn the minimum wage

And much more!! As a 17 year old, i feel as if i've been let down by my government as i cannot vote. Why should 17 year olds fight for a country they have no voice in!? Please share your views on this topic, thanks.

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Irshaad Nawaz

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Monday 24 March 2014

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