Make 1 year of National Service obligatory for all males when they turn 16.

It should be for 1 year to teach them discipline, respect, responsibility and the satisfaction of hard work, to provide them with guidance in life. After the 1 year service they can choose whether they want to continue with a career within the military or not. But the key issue is that they will exit the NS as different people who have respect for others and authority, good work ethics, a desire to work and good moral standards. It may be costly to do this but it will pay off by getting generations of citizens who will take pride in supporting the british society by working instead of being destructive and anti social. Introduce the National Service to this great nation and you will find that the result in a few years time will be generations of responsible and respectful young people growing up ready to contribute to society. Thank you

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Jonas Ohlund

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Wednesday 17 August 2011

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