Make Britain a fairer and more equal country

To tackle Britain’s growing social problems we need a fairer society which offers opportunities, encourages responsibility and eliminates poverty. We call upon the government to:
- Make work pay by supporting a living wage of £7.20 (£8.30 London)
- Tackle fuel poverty, as 24% of households will find it difficult to heat their homes this winter.
- Use progressive taxation to address the culture of excessive corporate pay and bonuses.
- Stop planned cuts to the EMA in England and support a comprehensive jobs fund for all areas of the country.

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There is already an e-petition about this issue.

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This petition is a duplicate of a number of individuals petitions which already appear on the site, on: a living wage, fuel poverty, high pay, EMA and jobs funds. You may wish to consider signing individual e-petitions on these matters or starting your own individual e-petitions on each issue if you feel they are not already suitably covered.

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Davif Mathias

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Monday 15 August 2011

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