Make faulty breast implant replacement available on the NHS

We petition the government to recognise the equal rights of women and end discriminatory practice in health care.
If you are overweight, have a large nose, or large protruding ears ,or want have gender issues the NHS will treat you. The government has allowed media descrimination against women for years. Sexual images of women's breasts and how women should look has been pushed down our throats for generations. Yet women are still disadvantaged If you have an absence of breast tissue is this not an abnormalitiy? so why then are these women not treated on the NHS? The impact on their mental and physical health is huge.At a huge cost to the NHS.
Women have been forced to pay for treatment for this bodily abnormality, and the cost of the replacement when things have gone wrong. We petiton the government to look at this issue and make treatments for women fair.

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Deborah Gudgeon

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Friday 27 January 2012

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