Make GCSE Economics and Politics compulsory subjects on the National Curriculum

Students should be provided with the tools needed to make informed decisions, especially as they approach voting age and are asked to make judgements about society's policies. Trade, budgeting, employment, and how the political systems of both our country and other countries work are all greater facets of adult life and society than religious belief or the works of Shakespeare. This is especially relevant when our society is increasingly affected by global events and the policies of other countries.

Yet, the current N.C. includes subjects of uncertain value to the voting public, such as English Literature and Religious Education, but neglects subjects that have an impact on everybody, like Economics and Politics. We think there is a better way to prepare students for the demands of modern life.

To that end, we want the Department of Education to review the Curriculum and properly incorporate GCSE Politics and Economics as fully fledged subjects.

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Ben Wilkins

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Thursday 23 January 2014

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Saturday 24 January 2015

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