Make Holiday Insurance Companies stop ripping off people with life threatening diseases

We never know when we will be struck down with a life threatening disease such as cancer. So when we are and we have treatment all most of us would like is to have a holiday away with loved ones. But due to astronomic insurance costs many cancer victims cannot have this much deserved and needed break. I would like insurance companies share the risk amongst all insurance policies, I would gladly give £5 towards my insurance policy to enable people with life threatening illnesses to be able to go on holiday without having to fork out up to £3000 for a 2 week break in Spain. People with these illnesses do not always need to use insurance while they are away, so paying massive costs just for peace of mind is totally unfair and is discriminatory against the person with the illness. Please make the insurance companies spread the costs enabling more people with life threatening illnesses to enjoy perhaps their last holiday abroad.

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beverley keenan

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Monday 25 March 2013

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