Make illegal immigration number one priority

After the events of today 22/05/2013 it truly is about time that the issue on immigration was dealt with.
No more messing around, Abu Qatada has played the system for too long, put him on a plane and accept the fine, if you cancel aid to India that would cover it,
Make illegal immigration number one priority, anyone here illegally should be deported back to their home country, however dangerous it is, there is simply no point fighting wars abroad if we the public cant be safe on our own streets.
No more protest marches, no more poppy burning, we most not tolerate the actions of the few, we as the masses must make change happen, enough of sitting back twiddling our thumbs if they dont like living here then why are we letting them? The extremists are laughing at us for making it so easy for them, people shouldnt have to die because we cant get our house in order, it needs sorting, yesterday.

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Paul Spiller

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Wednesday 22 May 2013

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