Make it illegal to print information of a death U'18 without parental consent.

Michael, 17 years old, took his own life. Yet in the coroners inquest the press were allowed to hear every detail and print their own interpretation of the events and outcome of the inquest. Although in their article it was miss worded and irrelevant. Causing further grief to the family.

This caused more grief for the family, with the press printing irrelevant information leading up to the events. It was confirmed by the coroner that Michael Nicholas, 17, took his own life on his own accord under no other influence. Although substances were found in the body. The press released information to make the public and readers think otherwise with their unneeded wording and wrong information. Due to their own take on events an article was released to the public and Mikey's friends and family.

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Chloe Danniella Davies

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Saturday 10 March 2018

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Sunday 9 September 2018