Make it mandatory to show ID for age restricted products being purchased

Retail workers are fed up of being yelled at unfairly for following procedure when requesting ID for age restricted goods. They are at risk whenever a sale goes through. NO ID = NO SALE means a drastic reduction in this risk, and the onus is on consumers - NOT retail workers.

I'm a retail worker. The very day i started this petition, i had been yelled at by a customer for requesting ID in order to ensure i could process the sale of Vodka. DVDs, Video Games, Fireworks, Knives. NO ID = NO SALE means the cashier is no longer at risk, has confidence to check ID without fear of intimidation and consequence, put's the onus on the customer to ensure they have ID. This simple change would help prevent under age sales, knife crime, and give everyone confidence in the system.

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Jonathon Harris

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Saturday 17 December 2016

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Thursday 1 January 1970

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