Make It possible for E petitions to be accesed via social networking sites

Make it possible for the e-petition forms to be accessed via social networking sites thus giving the public more access/publicity to them at the minute people have to go out of there way to access the e-petions site, were as majority if the population access social networking sites daily. Also currently on e-petitions you have to fill out a form everytime you want to sign up to a petition (a tactic i think designed to put people off of signing them my self) were as if you signed up to them on say facebook you would not need to fill in the form due to you already signing in to your account which holds your details already.

This e-petition has been rejected with the following reason given:

There is already an e-petition about this issue.

You can't sign this petition because it wasn't accepted for publication. But you can still give your opinion on it here at!

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Created By

Paul Davey

Created On

Wednesday 2 November 2011

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