Make Lupus a Medical Exemption

I fail understand why a long term illness, that is disabling, is not covered by an exemption.

Lupus is a poorly understood condition as it is, an exemption would further help those with what we do know about medication.

If we can't afford to take our medication then we will have to have someone constantly help us with daily tasks as our disease will be rife.
We will struggle to find work/not be able to work at all, this will only create further financial issues.
In some cases if Lupus goes untreated it can threaten lives by harming vital organs such as the heart and brain.

We urge the government to make Lupus a medical exemption when it comes to prescription. Even if it means that only specific medication for the treatment of Lupus is free.
It will change the lives of those suffering with Lupus considerably.

Please sign as we need 100,000 signatures for it to be considered for discussion in the House of Commons.

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Bethany Smith

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Thursday 20 March 2014

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Saturday 21 March 2015