make new e-petitions reach people

I bet that nobody reads this e-petition even though it could well be a fantastic idea that you would immediately sign your name to.
What will happen is, it will get placed on page 300 along with many other potentially brilliant e-petitions that nobody will read.

To solve this problem I think users should sign up for an e-petitions account or download an e-petitions app. Each new e-petition should be sent to a few random users so that it gets viewed. Depending on the number of signatures the e-petition receives this way, it should then be sent to a proportional number of additional random users. This process can continue so that e-petitions which are good and initially popular get seen by an increasing number of individuals, while those that are not don't.

Simples :)

Thank you for reading... :s

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Created By

Jon Duckworth

Created On

Sunday 18 November 2012

Closing Date

Thursday 21 November 2013

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