Make Our Youth Youthful Again! - Ban Explicit Material And Put An Age Restriction On Purchasing Make Up And Revealing Clothing!

I'm looking to campaign to change what children/young people can access online and through other forms of media, the youth of today are atrocious compared to the youth of 5-10 years ago, and i think this is wholly down to what they now have access to e.g explicit music videos that glamorize wearing next to nothing and dancing around like who knows what, so I was thinking that maybe if the government changed what is accessible to them, and maybe put age restrictions on certain types of clothing and make up, then it would help change the youth for the better.

I want the government to take action by banning children/young adults access to explicit material such as Music Videos, Images, Books, Magazines anything that glamorizes wearing next to no clothes and dancing around like who knows what. An age restriction should also be put on make-up products and revealing clothing.

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Bethanie Clarke

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Tuesday 30 July 2013

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Thursday 31 July 2014

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