Make people in prison pay for the cost of being kept in prison instead of lumping the cost on the taxpayer.

Give ex-prisoners jobs when they leave (a job probably provided in the public sector if they have not found one of been found one in the private sector)and charge them extra tax on their wages until they have repaid their cost. It could mean that whereas before a Judge would have given someone a 1 year sentence,at the taxpayers expense,he may only give them,say,3 months with an order that they repay the cost afterwards,as the cost could also be considered part of the punishment. Only those who are unemployable after release(e.g. through age or disability) would not be required to pay so it would save the taxpayer a fortune and reduce the number of prisons needed as well as reduce overcrowding.Ex-prisoners could also be monitored more easily to ensure they are leading law-abiding lives,thus reducing crime by reducing re-offending.

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L Austin

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Friday 2 September 2011

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