Make people with long-term medical conditions exempt from paying for medication

I am a young person suffering with a long term medical condition, there are many other people like me that need medication to prevent them from getting unwell. Due to medical exemption guidelines set out by the NHS Business Authority, we are having to pay £8.60 per prescription for key medications.

This feels immoral to me on the NHS Business Authorities' part as it is NOT MY FAULT that I have a long term medical condition as it was something I was born with. Yet, people like me are having to suffer financially when the UK has a National Health Service which is supposed to help people like me!

Please help me in my fight for fairness! Please grant medical exemption for paying for prescriptions to people with long term medical conditions such as cardiac problems!

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Lili-Rose Hunneybel

Created On

Saturday 7 July 2018

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Sunday 6 January 2019

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