Make the benefit system fair

Alter the benefit system for all and encouraging a life of work over a life on dole. I suggest doing this by linking NI/Tax contributions to a persons NI number, essentially all their contributions minus the tax paid that is used to run the country goes into a "pot" for each person, this pot can be accessed at any time by the holder to pay for out of work benefits, the deposit on a first home, or to sit around for a few years when tired of working, whatever - however what is left at retirement age is your retirement pot, that way everyone will get back exactly what they have put in -----

Benefit for those who've never worked should equal 10% less of a full-time job at minimum wage, that is also taxed and all their bills etc have to paid out of this at market rate (no subsidised rents etc) in return for this they would be expected to spend at least 3 days per week in training or working in the community (Excluding OAPs and the disabled who should get more than they currently do)

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David Coniff

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Tuesday 16 August 2011

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Friday 17 August 2012

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