Make the Living Wage the New National Minimum Wage

I believe the Government should raise the National Minimum Wage (NMW) to the "Living Wage" (LW) as calculated by the Fair Pay Network and reported in The Independant. (

LW is calculated to be the hourly rate needed to afford a basic standard of living, this equates (according to 2011 figures) £8.30 for Greater London and £7.20 for the rest of the country.

This increase of £1.12 p/h over the NMW of £6.08 (18+) on a 48 hour week would equate to £17,971 per annum compared to the current £15,176 per annum.

This increase in individual revenue would also feed back into the economy as people can buy extra goods which in turn not only funds wages for other people but also increases VAT revenues which in turn (after admittedly large initial investment) would pay towards the deficit.

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There is already an e-petition about this issue.

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Daniel Wright

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Friday 20 January 2012

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