Make The PSA Test for Prostrate Cancer compulsory for men over 40.

Prostrate cancer is a treatable disease, like most the earlier the better.
There is a simple test that can indicate whether someone is at risk but it is not freely offered unless recommended by a GP.
This should be given the same level of awareness as Breast Cancer is for women but it is not.

The chances of being affected by prostrate cancer increases with age, but can affect men who are 40+.
Men don't talk about their problems, so we can continue boldly on fearing the worst because of the rectal examination when in fact men do not know that The PSA Test is available through a simple blood test.
This should be a part of the blood test - it would remove the need for repeat appointments with The NHS and therefore actually save both time and money in catching this before its too late.

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Paul Lawrence

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Saturday 10 February 2018

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Thursday 9 August 2018

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