Make two modest but sensible precautions in case Brexit goes badly.

Precaution 1. Hold a post-Brexit referendum on whether to return to the EU.

Precaution 2. Ensure our Brexit Terms include the right for a "fast-track" return of the UK to the EU, ideally under pre-Brexit conditions.

If that new shirt doesn’t quite fit, we can return it to the shop. To make sure we don’t lose those precious family photos, we back-up the laptop from time to time.

So if rights-of-return and back-up plans make sense for an individual, shouldn't a nation of 65 million people have a contingency plan just in case Brexit is not the resounding success we all hope for?

No-one on either side of the argument has a crystal ball, so can we afford not to have an insurance policy in our back pocket?

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John Kilbey

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Tuesday 13 March 2018

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Wednesday 12 September 2018

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