Making the UK fair with prison sentances, and the good being rewarded

I feel that the UK is getting worse as a country and not being taken seriously. Following the recent riots this has proved that even UK citizens do not respect the country they live in. I think this could be easily solved, by people who commit crimes being punished adequately, is someone takes another persons life, they should spend their life in prison. But also people in prison should not receive any privileges, like TVs, playstations these should all be removed. A major problem is also the amount of people on benefits because they think they have the choice not to work, which the government has made too easy for them. Working class people struggle to get by working 40+ hours per week. People who carry on with life, not breaking any rules do not get rewarded but people who commit offences or do not try to better themselves seem to be rewarded. Turn this around, this is being done backwards.

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Laura Pardoe

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Wednesday 17 August 2011

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