Mandate much lower and capped insurance prices for young and newly qualified drivers.

In some areas of the country young and newly qualified drivers are being quoted in excess of £5000/year for car insurance on vehicles in the lowest of insurance groups and cost brackets.

At a time when young people are forced to travel great distances to find work, to support themselves; their families; or pay their extortionate university fees, the Government has a liability to do all it can to promote access and support them.

In a country where an individual who has never worked a day in their lives and has no intention of ever contributing to society, can be rewarded with a tax free vehicle, those who do contribute to society and try to earn an honest living should not be unnecessarily hindered by mindless regulation and corporate greed.

The undersigned believe that a fairer solution is a low, universal insurance tariff for all newly qualified drivers, regardless of age, gender or locality.

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Callum McCormick

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Sunday 23 October 2011

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