Mandatory financial audit for any country wishing to receive UK aid

The government should insist on an independent financial audit of any government wishing to receive UK aid. Any country refusing to comply with this request would receive no aid.

The audit will be carried out annually during the period in which aid is provided. The scope of the audit will include an analysis of the revenue and expenditure of the recipient country. The audit will focus on detecting any financial irregularities that may suggest corruption.

The results of the audits will be made public.

The government should also lobby the EU and other international partners to use the same approach in their giving of aid.

The intention of this policy is to promote anti-corruption and to embarrass any country that is unwilling to be audited. The aid budget would remain unchanged and countries willing to be audited would be likely to receive larger amounts of aid than previously.

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Barnaby Golden

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Thursday 20 March 2014

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Friday 3 April 2015

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