MERCEDES LAW: Refer young women below the cervical screening age for colposcopy

Mercedes died of cervical cancer aged 23 years. She was too young for cervical screening but could of been referred for a colposcopy.
Mercedes was denied referral for colposcopy & or gynaecology. It has been found that had she been referred Mercedes outcome would of been very different.
A coposcopy is a harmless diagnostic test that can determine STRAIGHT AWAY the presence of abnormal cells in the cervix.
Treatment can also be given at the same time if abnormal cells are found. A biopsy can also be taken if deemed necessary.
A colposcopy counteracts any argument re the 'false positives' of cervical screening in under 25 year old women.
Help save lives & severe debilitation of young women by signing this petition.
We need over a 100,000 signatures asap.
Thank you.
Sandra (Mercedes mum).

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Mercedes Curnow Foundation

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Sunday 30 March 2014

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