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South Africa have SADF as do many other countries. Britain have many young people with 'seriously bad attitudes' to everyone and everything and have no respect or manners. Schooling is very weak and so are most parents with their children. Look at the London riots (Aug 11) as an example. There is a very strong need for sensible discipline and for respect for society in general by young brash children. The ARMY (or similar forces) for 2 years would be brilliant for kids to learn some manners and respect for; Teachers, Police, old people and parents. In my opinion, many youngsters could not care less. They smoke whacky backy (Ganger or similar) and are out of control. Up all night and in bed all day - what sort of future population will make up this country? We need to get tough and act now - before it is too late!

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Alan Tarr

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Monday 15 August 2011

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