Minimum Age For Yemen Brides

An 8 year old girl was killed by being raped in Yemen. The worst part of this is, the 8 year old girl was the rapists wife. The rapist was a 40 year old man. The girl identified as Rawan died from internal sexual injuries. This is not uncommon in Yemen, In 2010 a 10 year old girl died in similar circumstances. More and more child brides are being led into arranged marriages. In 2009 Yemen did set a minimum age for marriage at 17 years old. This was repealed after being declared un-Islamic. Now is the time for the international community to tell Yemen, we are watching. We are willing to act. Please sign to add pressure for the British government to act now.

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Adam J Russell

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Wednesday 11 September 2013

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Saturday 13 September 2014

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