Minimum monthly energy allowance

In today’s society there is a need for energy to power the many appliances in the home, whether for basic needs (heating, lighting) or for leisure (DVDs, jacuzzis). We are constantly striving to save energy but also pressured to purchase the latest gadgets to 'support the economy'. A basic energy allowance much like the 'living wage', the RPI or CPI would be an agreed minimum amount of energy required to power the living accommodation of an individual or a household to provide for basic needs of an individual or household. The amount of energy (the allowance) would be charged at the minimum or basic rate per day, akin to a minimum wage. Energy usage above this rate would be charged at the normal supplier tariffs. Benefits paid on the allowance but not on the excess.

This would encourage users to not waste energy, look at energy saving measures and renewables as a way of funding their own excess usage instead of paying the energy companies at the 'excess' rate.

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Des Clark

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Wednesday 13 November 2013

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Friday 14 November 2014

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