Minimum wage to be a Living wage

In the USA 100 years ago, in January 1914 Henry Ford doubled his workers pay to $5.00 a day. A wage rise of 100% coupled with a reduction in hours from 9 to 8 hrs per day.Adjusting for inflation and converting to £ sterling this equates to £8.75 per hour

The living wage is £8.80 per hour in London, and £7.65 in the rest of the country.

In October the new Minimum Wage is to be £6.50

Employers who pay their staff too little are in effect benefiting from taxpayers, who subsidise the low wages of their staff by paying their employees top-up state benefits such as tax credits.

Since 2008, the combined effect of the recession, high unemployment, stagnating wage levels and high inflation has depressed annual income per head by 13%, according to an analysis by the Office for National Statistics.

100 years later and the poorest paid are even worse now. It's time to change. Pay the Living Wage

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Monday 17 March 2014

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