Minimum Wage to rise to the living wage and Companies who outsource employment to be repossessed by the state

It is of the belief of myself and the majority of the working people in the United Kingdom that the minimum wage needs to rise to the same level of that of the living wage. If this were to happen, it would save the public purse as people on low incomes wouldn't need working tax credits to top up their income.

It will also mean that wages would be able to keep up with inflation.

On to the topic of Companies outsourcing work to countries such as India for cheap labour.

I am of the belief that a law needs to be brought in to put a stop to this trend. Not only will it create more jobs in the UK, it will also save the public purse.

Companies who do not agree to these terms, should be repossessed by the state.

If we are coming down hard on Benefit claiments, we need to do the same to Companies and Employers so that more jobs are created within the United Kingdom.

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Allan Murray

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Monday 6 January 2014

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Saturday 10 January 2015

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