Modified Exhausts and Lighting

more and motorists are adding illegal exhausts and lighting. how many times have you seen a lorry with more blue LED's than an ambulance or heard a saxo that sounds like a tank.there needs to be an amendmant to the law that states only white displayed to the front apart from indicaters and only red to the rear other than a reversing light. no other lights can be fitted too or displayed on the vehicle at all (other than emergency serivices or doctors). And exhuast should have to be standard exhaust no modified or louder exhaust than the legal limit and police police should eb allowed to make the driver remove these light at the road side and prohibit a veh with a loud exhaust from driving. no ifss no buts. and the fines should be in a higher bracket.

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Nick Freman

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Saturday 8 March 2014

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Tuesday 10 March 2015

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