More housing benefits for Under 21's who actually need it!

Housing benefit is a massive issue in the UK, many people seem to take advantage of the system which is creating a huge economical crisis leading to the discussion of cutting housing benefits.Housing Benefit should be given to the people who really do need the help instead of people who don't want to work because they are better off money wise on benefits then working. Taking advantage has left genuine people who need the help left with nothing but a bad name and a stereotype for being on benefits. As a personal experience on this i work full time as hard as i can to try and earn enough money so i can afford to pay for my rent and all my bills but even with a full time wage i can only just afford to pay for my living costs and nothing else. After paying for all rent and bills i am left with a sum on £20 at the maximum that's without paying for any luxuries such as heating.The government need to seriously review who they are dishing out benefits to.

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Jessica Damm

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Friday 17 January 2014

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Tuesday 20 January 2015

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