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I am petitioning for the MP wages to be decreased. As of 2010, the annual salary of an MP was at £65,738, totalling over £42,000,000 for the 650 MPs in the house of commons. When you consider that the current minimum wage is at a meagre £6.19 per hour, averaging at around £12,000 per annum for someone in full-time work, it seems unreasonable for MPs to be entitled to this amount when their constituents from low-income families are receiving a comparatively low wage. Even taking into account the current average for all employee's across the UK, at £26,664, it is evident that the wages for an MP is drastically higher than that of a typical constituent. If we were to reduce the current salary to just £50,000 per annum, we could save around £10,000,000 per year to cut the deficit, reduce borrowing and put steps towards improving our economy as a whole, instead of cutting benefits from those who need it the most.

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Natasha Reid

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Thursday 4 April 2013

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