MP's should NOT receive an 11% pay rise

After 3 years of no pay increases for Public Sector workers, who have also had to endure punishing rises in their pension contributions and their terms of service, they were awarded a paltry average pay rise of 1% this year. However, MP's are now pushing to receive an 11% increase of their basic pay as was suggested by the I.P.S.A. This increase of over £7,000 p.a. is in addition to the other generous expenses they can claim, from second houses to porn films and paper clips. They get subsidised meals and have even deferred their own pension contribution increases. Vote if you think this is abhorrently wrong as they've repeatedly told us 'we're all in this together'. They have to be brought to book and dragged out of the trough!

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Frank Gaffney

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Monday 21 October 2013

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