My Daughter Maija Deserves her UK PASSPORT.

My 8 year old daughter was conceived, born and lives in the UK. She has a British Birth Certificate. Her mother is Finnish & lives in UK. I am English. After 4 years of 'contentious' Court Battles between the Mother & I, the Judge ordered I should apply for a UK Passport (with the Mother wish). The application was rejected, because the Mother & I where never married. Children born before 2006 can only claim to be British if the Mother is British. OR the Mother & Father where married. This discriminates against Children born before 2006 who had no choice who their parents where & if they should marry. This discriminates against Men when we are suppose to be striving for 'equal rights. I wish the Government to make changes to the Legislation to give ALL British born children of a British Parent the same rights.

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Michael Derric Clark

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Friday 12 August 2011

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