My time in a mental health assesment unit

A warm welcoming hello to whoever this concerns,
As I got to the assessment unit I already felt slightly isolated & asked if I could charge my phone with the charger I bought with me, when I understood this couldn't be facilitated I became very agitated & went to calm down in the front room/seating area to of what nearly made me have a hot flush so I then went in the garden to have a cigarette and calm down then I remembered smoking isn't permitted ANYWHERE and I nearly had a nervous breakdown!
Then I thought there's people worse off but also other people might not be as stable and capable to deal with this therefore a guess of 'half?' the people pretend they are ok as best they can to hold it together & not be given the help they need I.E. proper section, home treatment & maybe most commonly even the 3day assessment!!!
Why let it escalate if the only outcome will be re-referral.

Thanks! - Email me if you want the conclusions. ( theres more to it)

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Sam Langley

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Saturday 20 July 2013

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