Nationalise Motor Car Insurance - Not For Profit

The Government states that it is against the law to drive a motor vehicle without insurance. This is a stipulation the Government have made and as such, I believe it should not be let to the markets, to determine what that cost should be.

Motor car insurance should be run by the Government on a not-for-profit basis. Insurance premiums should be set to ensure the scheme is fair, just and run at-cost.

No profit. Just insurance cover.

All other types of insurance are optional and this helps drive-down the premiums. Not motor insurance and as such, insurance companies can keep the price high to maximise profits and there is nothing the motorist can do about it.

This petition asks that the Government explores a state run insurance system to ensure everyone can afford the chance to own and drive a motor vehicle, without paying more that necessary.

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Created By

John Courtney

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Tuesday 28 August 2012

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Thursday 29 August 2013

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