Need to include black history in the primary school curriculum

I believe tradition of any society is preserved by both written records and oral archives which are passed on and shared by succeeding generations. There is no exaggeration in the statement that the present-day Great Britain is a product of several toilings and sacrifices by both British born citizens and immigrants from all over the World. Railways construction, road construction, industrialisation, commerce and hospitality sector, etc are in the great statuses they are today through the significant contributions of non-natives as Asians, Blacks, etc. Many of these original black settlers were slaves traded in to do some hard labours at ridiculously low wages (if at all they got remunerated). If anything when we talk about advancement of the British nation, it is just fair to acknowledge the labours of those that contributed at great cost in the olden days for Great Britain to earn the present reputation.

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Ayo Onatola

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Wednesday 14 January 2015

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