New average speed camera sign & new symbol

The creation of a new sign and symbol for applications involving average speed cameras,

Average speed cameras are relatively new
and at this present time average speed cameras and normal speed cameras share the same symbolic sign (although average speed camera signs may have writing below to indicate it's an average speed camera ), this can be confusing or go unnoticed & due to human nature we will see a symbol for a speed camera and not slow down entirely until a yellow or partialy yellow box camera is visible, especially in areas away from home and where the roads are clear.

They currently therfore misleads us and can confuse the most experienced drivers and leave them with a prosecution and fine. This can all be averted with a new sign indicating the average speed cameras between two or more points.

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Created By

Mark Jones

Created On

Sunday 16 March 2014

Closing Date

Tuesday 17 March 2015