No more devolution

Extensive powers have been to devolved to the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and Northern Ireland Assembly since the three Acts of 1998.

Recently the Scotland Act 2012 has transferred the greatest amount of fiscal autonomy ever since the Act of Union.

Wales also recently received powers to legislate in the devolved areas, and Northern Ireland has received powers over policing.

No more devolution to any devolved body and no more devolved bodies can be established (the mere prospect of expensive useless Regional Chambers is sickening) without full consent across the entire United Kingdom.

No more excessive tiers of government and no more devolution which is unfair to the rest of the kingdom.

We the petitioners call for a line in the sand now (and in law) and when the Scottish Independence referendum fails, no more devolution or federalisation allowed. This is a Unitary State and should be so.

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Kieran Bailey

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Wednesday 24 October 2012

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Tuesday 29 October 2013

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