No Public Funding for Margaret Thatcher Library/Centre

We, the undersigned, object in the strongest possible terms to any public funding being allocated to the building/errection, or the future running costs of a Margaret Thatcher Memorial/Library/Centre.

Any funding for such a project must be financed purely from private donation by individual donors.

We call upon Her Majesty's Government to make a binding commitment to the above.

This e-petition has been rejected with the following reason given:

E-petitions cannot be used to request action on issues that are outside the responsibility of the government. This includes:

  • party political material
  • commercial endorsements including the promotion of any product, service or publication
  • issues that are dealt with by devolved bodies, eg The Scottish Parliament
  • correspondence on personal issues

E-petitions cannot be used for freedom of information requests.

You can't sign this petition because it wasn't accepted for publication. But you can still give your opinion on it here at!

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Nicolas Heanley White

Created On

Friday 22 November 2013

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