No Tax Payer's Money to Fund Thatcher's Funeral

In view of the fact that Prime Minister Thatcher remains such a devise and controversial figure with the British people, it would be wrong to give her a state funeral, but by the same token, it would also be wrong to give her same funeral quite rightly afforded to The Queen Mother and Princess Dianna.
Furthermore, I believe she would prefer the market to meet the costs; not our society - since society does not exist.
She has had afternoon tea with the war criminal Pinochet; destroyed communities in Great Britain and prolonged the conflict in Northern Ireland.
As for the below blasphemy, that is now in the hands of a higher authority.
Where there was love, let me sow hatred;
Where there was pardon, injury;
Where there was hope, doubt;
Where there was light, darkness;
And where there was joy, sadness.

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John Simmonds

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Monday 8 April 2013

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