No to a Trident Replacement

We, the undersigned, oppose the plan to replace the current Trident nuclear submarine fleet with a new class of submarines.

We further recognise that such a move, when including the missiles themselves, will cost in the region of £20billion.

To commit to this, when there are so many other useful things to spend the money on, is unthinking, reckless and wasteful.

£20billion would be better spent on improving social housing, the NHS, education, and other parts of our society that have suffered neglect before wasting it on weapons of death.

The use of nuclear missiles would be a crime against all humanity. They exist because of the cold war which is now part of history. To retain these weapons makes the world a more dangerous place

We call on the government to get rid of them.

If we spent as much time and energy on creating peace as we do war, then the world could be a much better place for us and our children.

This is no fantasy. It just needs commitment.

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Michael Preston

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Monday 18 June 2012

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