NO to selling off our roads!

Every area privatisation touches, turns into a cash cow for private companies at the expense of you and me. weather it's directly or indirectly.

Just look at our overground rail systems: they cant get any worse but we have to put up with constant fare hikes. Guess what? we're stuck with it now.

Just look at our public utilities / energy: The bills are getting larger and larger and beginning to eat into our pockets deeper and deeper. Guess what? We're stuck with it now.

What next Air? Roads? Oh wait...

The initial offer may be acceptable and sound lovely but you wait and see how things turn out 5/10 years down the line.

Let me put it his way, if we knew that out trains and energy would have turned out like they did prior to the sell off; we would be up in arms and letting the government know that WE WANT A SAY!

Public roads belong to the public. Lets get that message to the pople that are sopposed to represent our interests!

We want a referendum on this decision!

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Mon Zaman

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Tuesday 20 March 2012

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