No to texting on the motorway

I believe that Police Officers should be encouraged to take this offence more seriously.

If you're seen using your mobile phone while driving (which includes texting, or when stopped at a red light!), an instant £1000 fine should be placed on the driver - points or bans simply are not working.

This may sound extreme but, we MUST stop this irresponsible behaviour.
The amount of people that are driving along the motorway and through your town whilst texting, is inconceivable, not to mention absolute lunacy!

If you cannot afford the £1000 fine, then the Government gets to take you car, AND your phone, so they can be auctioned off to recover the money for your fine.
This may actually make people take responsibility for their actions.

In any other situation, you would not be allowed to operate heavy duty machinery if your concentration was not on the job in hand, so why do we take such a soft approach to this when so many peoples lives could be in danger?

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Matthew Hayward

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Sunday 23 December 2012

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Tuesday 7 January 2014

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