Not to Relax or Repeal Fox Hunting Ban

In an exclusive interview with the Sunday Express before the Conservative party conference in Birmingham, Ms Truss said the Hunting Act had been a “mistake”.

The Coalition promised a free vote on overturning the Hunting Act when parliamentary time allows.

“Fox hunting has always been a matter for a free vote,” Ms Truss also said “I personally would vote in favour of allowing fox hunting. I think it was a mistake, the Hunting Act, and I would vote for a repeal.

Britain does not need this bloodthirsty hobby resurrected. With even members of the Tory party now coming out against the hunt, it’s time for governemnt to take a firm stance and pledge not to relax the hunting ban if they are re-elected.

Demand the Conservatives not abuse their precarious position as a minority government to push through wildly unpopular changes to existing legislation or make any amendments to the existing legislation in favour of hunting foxes.

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Rod Gardner

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Tuesday 30 September 2014

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