Offer a free workshop on healthy eating on a budget to all UK residents

Myth; 'eating healthily is more expensive than buying junk food'. Pre-packed food or pre-prepared food can be much more expensive and full of sugars, fats and preservatives than making from scratch. More education is needed to make healthy shopping choices, ultimately improving the nation's health.

If people are educated on how to read the supermarket price labels of fruit and veg for instance, quite often it is cheaper to buy loose vegetables than it is to buy pre-packed. Educate on how simple healthy meals can be made with very few cheap ingredients. e.g.

Vegetarian tomato pasta dish; home-made total price for a family of 4; £0.89.

If wanting to add meat (Beef mince as an addition) ; Total price £2.89 for 4 servings.

Alternative pre-packed pre-made product, 4 servings; £6.60.

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Gemma Peacock

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Wednesday 4 May 2016

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Thursday 3 November 2016

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