To bring to everyone's attention and governments worldwide the need to manage our numbers intelligently, such that the planet can sustain a reasonable quality of life for all.

Acknowledge that it is an issue that we urgently need to address and one which we must not ignore.

Acknowledge that if we do continue to deny it as a growing problem, only suffering on an unimaginable scale could be one of the outcomes. That once our numbers are reduced such that the planet can sustain, that other major issues we face will become more manageable and in the long term possibly resolvable.

This issue affects all on the planet. If we do not intelligently & compassionately manage our numbers, strife, war, disease, climate change and starvation can only ensue as we all make demands on diminishing resources.

This e-petition has been rejected with the following reason given:

It did not have a clear statement explaining what action you want the government to take.

You can't sign this petition because it wasn't accepted for publication. But you can still give your opinion on it here at!

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Adrian Stewart Hill

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Sunday 26 August 2012

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