Own a licence before a dog!

All you see in the news or on TV are dogs being aggressive or being abuse. Every owner would have a licence and those people who perpetrated the law would instantly lose this licence. Once that person has lost their licence they shall not be able to purchase another dog for a minimum of 2 years. This also goes for people who sell puppies online; some people continuously breed their dogs for money instead of the dogs’ well-being.

1000's of dogs each year are rescued from poor living conditions, abuse and neglect, many fail their behavioural tests not because they are bad dogs but due to bad owners, these dogs end up being put down. Do you think it's fair that bad owners who abuse dogs get to redo this offence over again? If we worked as a team to enforce this law then hopefully this will change. Having this licence will put a stop to people repeatedly breeding their dogs until they are no use anymore, which usually ends with either abandonment or death.

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Amy Smith

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Friday 21 March 2014

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