Parents lose child benefit & tax credits when child reaches 16 & leaves education but the child cant sign on until 18.

The country is currently in recession with many families at financial breaking point. So why when a child reaches 16 and leaves full time education either out of choice to find a job or because they cannot get into college, families immediately lose child benefit and tax credits. However children aged 16 are not eligible to sign on for Jobseekers Allowance until they are 18. What are parents supposed to support their child on until they find a job or reach 18. If a child leaves school and the government deems them not to need any child support or tax credits any more then the child should have the right to sign on for Jobseekers Allowance. The Government cannot just expect families with children aged 16 to 18 to live on nothing and cut all their family benefits. No other age group is penalised in this way.

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Celina Lamberth

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Thursday 6 September 2012

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Tuesday 10 September 2013

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